If you want a side hustle reselling clothing on Poshmark, start by learning all the lingo insiders use, like ‘love notes’ and ‘bundles,’ and what they mean for your business

  • Reselling clothes and items on Poshmark can be a lucrative job or business for some users. 
  • Some Poshmark entrepreneurs have turned their shops into full-time businesses that earn six figures.
  • Insider defined the app’s commonly-used words to help you understand the lingo.

Reselling clothes and accessories on Poshmark can be a lucrative full-time job or business for some users. 

The app makes it easy to get started selling, but finding success on the marketplace takes practice and strategy

The app also functions much like a social platform where users are rewarded for being active members of the community. For example, sellers can gain higher statuses as stylists or ambassadors when they promote other sellers’ listings. 

Poshmark members, or “poshers,” use a lot of phrases you may not understand if you’re new to the community. Insider defined all of the app’s commonly-used words and phrases to compile a one-stop dictionary. 

Here’s your guide to Poshmark lingo. Scroll through to read all the phrases in alphabetical order or use the table of contents below to navigate to a specific phrase.

Ally Wang Seattle-based seller stylist on Poshmark

Seller stylist Allyn Wang’s Poshmark closet.

Courtesy of Ally Wang


Becoming an ambassador is like the blue check (except this one is a gold star) of Poshmark, validating members’ credibility and influence within the community.

Users can become ambassadors by completing specific requirements which include having at least 50 items in your closet, making at least 15 sales, having an average rating of 4.5 or higher, maintaining an average ship time of less than three days, sharing your items at least 5,000 times, and sharing other members’ items at least 5,000 times.  

Brand spotlight

The brand spotlight section of the app showcases name brands and designers that are currently trending within the community. These brands are usually popular on the platform and can earn sellers top dollar. 


Poshmark sellers can turn their closets into boutiques by selling new inventory from third-party wholesalers. To open a boutique, sellers must receive certification by Poshmark by completing ten successful sales and keeping an average rating of 4.5 or higher.


Sellers can group multiple pieces together in one listing, or bundle, to offer customer discounts and move more inventory. Sellers can suggest bundle offers to specific customers and create discounts in their closets based on a minimum number of items in each bundle.

For shoppers, a bundle saves on total shipping cost since all the items are shipped together. 


A closet is a Poshmark seller’s online store where they list items for sale.


The covershot is the first image in your listing that customers see in your closet, in their feed, or in a search. 

Direct Share

If a shopper adds an item to their bundle, this function allows you to suggest more items they might like. Instead of sharing one of your listings to all of your followers, you can select one follower to direct share a listing, which then sends it their bundle.


Poshmark’s “like” function is similar to other shopping sites and social media apps. You can click the heart above a listing to save it for later. Refer back to your saved listings in the “My Likes” tab. 


If you want to sell an item, you create a post known as a listing. Each listing includes photos of the item, a short description, a long description, category, brand, size, price, and up to three style tags. It’s important to make your listing as detailed as possible and include search terms in the descriptions that shoppers might use to look for specific styles. 

Love note

A love note is a five-star rating and comment that customers give sellers after receiving a purchase. Love notes represent a stellar experience and automatically display on sellers’ about me pages. 


Poshmark is broken into 33 markets which include women, men, home, kids, luxury, boutiques, wholesale, petite, plus size, and activewear. These help shoppers narrow down their searches and help sellers cater their listings to the right customers. 


NWT is a common acronym within resale marketplaces and stands for “new with tags,” which denotes that an item is brand new, has never been worn (though maybe tried on), and all tags are in tact.


Instead of purchasing an item right away, customers and sellers can strike up a bargain. For example, if the customer makes an offer for a lower price, the seller can make a counter-offer, and vice versa. The offer expires if either the customer or seller do not respond within 24 hours.


Posh is an abbreviation for Poshmark commonly used by members. Posh usually precedes other terms such as in “Posh stylist” and “Posh love.”  


A posher is a Poshmark member, or anyone who creates an account on the app.

Posh love

Members give Posh love anytime they engage with the community, which includes liking, sharing, and commenting on listings. 

Posh party

Posh parties are virtual shopping sales held multiple times throughout the day. Parties usually have a theme, like “wardrobe must-haves” or “men’s style.” Sellers can share their listings in a party to gain exposure to their closets. To host a party, a member must be an active Poshmark ambassador and request access by submitting an application.


Poshmark provides sellers with free shipping  through its PoshPost service which sends a pre-paid USPS label once an item sells. 

Each listing allows you to add up to three style tags, such as bohemian, preppy, or Y2K, to describe your listing and make it easier for shoppers to find. Shoppers can follow style tags to keep track of new listings. 


Sellers can become stylists by showcasing their style, sharing others’ listings, and recruiting friends to join Poshmark. As a seller’s shop picks up, they become known in the Poshmark community for a particular style in the brands they sell, how they put outfits together, and for a consistent look throughout their listings. This can make them the type of shop customers no longer stumble upon for one item, but visit frequently to see what’s recently listed.


A share is anytime a user posts a listing on their feed for all their followers to see. There are a couple different types of shares which the app tracks in order for users to gain stylist status. A “direct share” sends a listing privately to a user’s bundle and doesn’t show up on your feed or closet. A “new posher share” is when you are one of the first 50 people to share a new member’s listing, which helps them gain exposure and connect with the community. 


A showroom is a collection of listings curated by Poshmark, based on popular and trending items such as “Anthropologie sweaters,” “denim vests,” and “Prada sunglasses.”


Posh shows are a new feature on the app that allow certain sellers to host livestreams to showcase their listings, provide discounts, and host auctions. Shoppers can bid on items during the show.


Poshmark recently added stories to its app as another tool for sellers to list and market their merchandise. Users can share images and 15-second videos with their followers, similar to other apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Users can also add text and tag brands, a listing, or other users. Stories are visible for 48 hours before they are automatically deleted. 


The wholesale market is a portal unlocked for users who make at least ten successful sales and keep an average rating of 4.5 or higher. These sellers can open a boutique to sell brand new inventory in complete size ranges, much like a brick-and-mortar boutique you’d find on your local main street. 

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